Last studies Bingos and Recreational halls


The needs of bingos have changed in recent years by increasing type B machines and placing a roulette, so apply a very similar to the recreational approach, however, not forget that the bingos need a lot of staff take, so we will need a control, the bar, restaurant kitchens and as safe and halls.

One of the cameras will be as exclusive use of the spinners and the rest displayed machines and access.

The risk of robbery in a bingo decreases due to the large number of employees in it.

If you would propose a methodology on how to act to combat theft.

CCTV posted signs and warnings and the protected room and the camera system sometimes prevent the risk of theft or misuse of the machines.


The arcades have a high risk of theft.

That is why criminals who steal these places are highly professional using high-tech gadgets or more sophisticated methods to achieve their goals by inhibitors, thermal lances, inhibition of detectors, etc.

Therefore we recommend in our project as a microwave detector technology.

The risk we have during the working day would be the heist, one of the ways to fight it would be by a silent switch, communicating with the central station we are berthing and view from the central camera which provides us give more information police the description of offenders.

Another risk is the manipulation of machines using different methods to open purses, accumulating awards, using gadgets, acids and other methods keypads.

With the cameras recording we can watch the different methods of theft and prevent it for future occasions and also identify people.

We may also make an internal control staff, since the cameras are located in accesses, enclosures spinners and exchange booths machines. The video recording system allows us to see distant events and have control over them and can verify a mugging, or just to see what times more number of people.

Another major risk is the opening and closing of the local, external display and button remote exterior thereby avoid surprises and if necessary can notify law enforcement.


The risk of classrooms has increased considerably in recent years, our experience of over 20 years working in them has made us change strategies and technology being ahead of crime.

During these years we have seen criminals, Tapaban passive detectors with plastic, varnishes, etc., as they hid in the installation at the last minute and out when it was left empty premises breaking the central and transmitters, as did a butrón in the wall directly in the safe, how they moved with wetsuits, is why to combat crime have increased detectors, using microwaves that pass through walls or partitions, impossible to inhibit, fake boxes of plants, baits, hiding true, double frequency transmitters more difficult to inhibit (TX, GPRS or TCP IP).

This allows us to track the offender, discriminate false alarms, using the CCTV system verification either own or staff the central station and can act quickly and if the risk of theft is important and takes little time, saloons they are alienated or lonely, we could place a mist system (BANDIT), which in 3 seconds flood a room being impossible to work and thus avoiding the time police can get.


To perform this type of installation, we make an initial study to coordinate, we adapt to the times required to not interfere in the business, working in public places outside working hours if necessary. We also use the finest materials, not only in the detection devices and video, but wiring (halogen-free) as well it indicated by the rules of public competition.

The staff of the facility is itself highly experienced in this type of facility, giving added value when performing the work.

Our heads of team work at all times supervise the work, checking each of the devices and presenting a final report of system testing.

At the end we deliver manuals of equipment and system software and conducted an introductory course teams.

If necessary have a service online repairs, to help at all times, or if we previously allow (through restricted access codes) can access computers on the Internet to adjust or change programming being in the buffer events all accesses and changes.

Our central station conforms to the protocols established by the client, within the existing regulations on private security.

BULLDOG, S.L.. This approved by the D.G.P. No. 1274 with more than 20 years of experience working in security systems.

That is why our budget is valued to give the best service with the best performance.

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